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Wolfhound Digital - a creative, transparent and results-driven digital marketing agency, Wolfhound Digital offers an affordable and effective approach for businesses to improve their online presence.

Wolfhound’s Digital Marketing, SEO ( Search engine optimisation ) Services, Social Media Marketing, and Web Design can be individually tailored to be the perfect fit for the needs of you and your business.

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Wolfhound Digital’s Mission.

First impressions do count. For Wolfhound Digital, our mission is to use the power of Digital Marketing, SEO (Search engine optimisation) Social Media marketing and Web design to put your business in front of the right market. We create through digital, social media marketing and fine website design, influence in the market place for your business, with one thing in mind; the growth of your business.

The intention of Wolfhound Digital is to build lasting relationships with our clients to move their business forward for the future growth of their business by creating unique, engaging digital marketing campaigns and fully functioning beautiful websites.

Wolfhound Digital take great pride in their work and client relationships by going the extra mile.

What does your digital presence say about your business ?


Web Design


Web Design and Web Development Agency

Your website needs to reflect the quality and service of your business.

For an already established company that needs a website refresh, or a new business that is not yet online, Wolfhound Digital can design a website that is the right fit for your requirements. We work with completely with Googles and within other search engines guidelines that are constantly being updated. Our team use the latest in website design through the Squarespace platform to deliver a responsive site that will look perfect and be responsive on all devices. Mobile, tablet , laptop or desk top.

We choose to work with the Squarespace platform because of their modern , fluid, clean design and content systems. All of our custom designs are fully responsive and mobile friendly. Wolfhound Digital design websites are deigned to be SEO ready and come with the ability to add an e-commerce online store if required.

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Digital Marketing Services

Building an online presence is all down to a very well executed digital marketing campaign. There are so many options available now it can be a difficult task deciding what digital marketing ideas are worth investing in. From Google Adwords to email marketing with Squarespace or Mailchimp direct emails, Wolfhound Digital will advise on the best approach for an effective digital marketing campaign and offer very competitive pricing menus where we manage your digital marketing and social media marketing.

PPC- Pay Per Click Advertising

What is PPC - Pay Per Click Advertising ?

An awful lot of money is thrown away and wasted on PPC - Pay Per Click Advertising. The first question that should be asked is, ‘is PPC - Pay Per Click Advertising right for your business ?

PPC - Pay Per Click Advertising is different to both SEO and other forms of digital marketing in the fact it isn't for every company or business or indeed something that every business should be doing. It should be seen as an additional strategy where it is possible to bring strong and in the case of Google AdWords, immediate results. A paid research campaign can if not thought out properly , be quite expensive and time consuming. There are many positives and one or two negatives to consider before embarking on a PPC - Pay Per Click Advertising campaign.

10% of ALL forms of advertising world wide is now spent on FACEBOOK

Wolfhound Digital can take you through a PPC - Pay Per Click Advertising campaign strategy that could include Facebook Ads,Google AdWords, Instagram Ads and discus with us why it’s is worth investing in paid search and what is the likely ROI - return on your investment.

SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

Google, Yahoo and Bing are generally regarded as the major search engines and they have primary search results where websites are shown and ranked based on relevance to the person searching. These listings are termed ‘organic’ and do not require a financial payment. If your business doesn’t rank on the top pages ( 95% Of All Web Traffic Goes To Page One Of Google) any prospective customers will find it very difficult to find you ! All this leading loss of enquiries, leads and sales.

(SEO) Search Engine Optimising your website in relation to particular keywords or keyword phrases is absolutely vital in improving your search engine rankings. If you are not appearing on the first page of the search engines then it is time to take a step back and plan a more strategic approach to your rankings or to consider engaging Wolfhound Digital for your business. Wolfhound Digital begin this process with a complete Website review / SEO audit where we see and measure what is the level of your on-line presence across all digital platforms and if your existing website is fully optimised.

SEO is a constant on-going conversation between your website and with Google and the other search engines. Wolfhound Digital can manage that conversation for you.

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Website Review / SEO Audit

If you already have a website, do you know if your existing website it is fully optimised for SEO and organically ranking for all the major search engines ?

Wolfhound Digital can do a full website review / SEO audit where we see what the overall health of your website is. We take a look behind the pages and make a complete back-end check to analyse the sites structure, to see if the pages and website structure is set up correctly.

Is your website optimised for the ever more important ‘Mobile’ ? *According to Google, more than 50 percent of all search engine queries now come via mobile devices and it’s growing by the day.

There are so many checks that can have a big say on your websites organic search engine ranking and therefore the number of potential visitors to your site.

The correct SEO ( search engine optimisation ) is so important in gaining visitors organically and keeping them there.

You could have the most aesthetically pleasing website in the world but if it is not set up correctly and optimised it will not perform and climb the search engine rankings and bring in the visitors.

If you have paid a small fortune for a website and it is not delivering results then contact us for an informal chat and see how Wolfhound Digital can improve your websites health, rankings and visitor experience.

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Online Trading Voucher Scheme

Trading Online Voucher Scheme – up to €2,500 grant available !

Wolfhound Digital can show you how you can Grow your business with help from the Government online trading voucher grant scheme. The online trading scheme is designed to assist small businesses take their sales online. It offers financial assistance of up to €2,500 along with training and advice to help your business start trading online.  Participating in this scheme can make the process of trading online much simpler for you.

According to the Irish Times, The Irish are the biggest international online shoppers in the world with 84 per cent buying overseas.

Online spending in Ireland is expected to rise to more than €10.1 billion by 2020, but… an estimated 2.2 million consumers made at least one purchase from an overseas online retailer in 2018. Those figures show you that Irish consumers are online shopping savvy but Irish businesses are clearly not. The opportunity for growth for online trading in Ireland is enormous and Irish businesses are not taking advantage of this. Is your business trading online ? Wolfhound Digital shows you how.


Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is a whole different form of digital marketing through the use of social media platforms, forums and blogs to promote products or brands and create a greater awareness and presence of those particular products or brands.

Social media marketing includes posting good relevant content across your social media profiles and engaging fully with your followers as well as growing your social media profile and gaining more followers, potential customers and and creating a greater brand awareness.

Whether you like it or not, social media marketing is an important part of building your brand and awareness. For many it can be time consuming and confusing with social media’s ever changing rules, insights and ideas.

Social media marketing is not something you should be ‘dipping’ in and out of but should be a constant steady stream of creative, well thought out, relative content posted across all social media platforms.

Wolfhound digital can manage all your social media and grow your presence across all social media platforms.

Social media is part of all Wolfhound Digital’s pricing menus.



The company identity says everything about your business, don’t be invisible. From a refresh or a complete, brand new corporate identity, Wolfhound Digital will work with you to understand what your business, identity and message is all about. From initial discussions and concept all the way to completion of your new corporate branding, Wolfhound Digital can take your branding and corporate identity to another level and make it stress free and a pleasure for all involved.


Signage And Displays

Whether you are looking for highly visual digital signage, graphics, signs, interior design and everything in between. Coffee shops, Salons and Spa’s, Office fit-outs, Hospitality and events, Wolfhound Digital can handle all of your business visibility needs and projects - We work with Ireland’s leading digital signage designers and installers to create impressive visual exposure for your business.


Start Ups

Wolfhound digital work with all of our startup clients to create branding for your new company. A branding that clearly portrays what you are all about and what your company message says. From a well designed custom logo, website design, digital marketing and social media to grow your brand awareness and digital presence. Wolfhound Digital have a package tailored to your requirements. You business image is so important - get it right at the very beginning of your business adventure.


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