Online Trading Voucher Scheme

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Enterprise Board Online Trading Voucher Scheme

Trading Online Voucher Scheme – up to €2,500 grant available

The Irish Times report, The Irish are the biggest international online shoppers in the world with 84 per cent buying overseas.

Online spending in Ireland is expected to rise to more than €10.1 billion by 2020, but… an estimated 2.2 million consumers made at least one purchase from an overseas online retailer in 2018. Those figures show you that Irish consumers are online shopping savvy but Irish businesses are clearly not. The opportunity for growth for online trading in Ireland is enormous and Irish businesses are not taking advantage of this. Is your business trading online ?

Wolfhound Digital shows you how you can grow your business with help from this Enterprise board government online trading grant scheme. Designed to assist small businesses. It offers financial help of up to €2,500 coupled with training, advice and information sessions covering various topics plotting the best way forward to get your business trading online.  Participating in this scheme can make the cost of trading online much easier for you - Wolfhound Digital can show you how to apply and implement an on-line trading platform into your business.

For all business making informed decisions is vital, your local enterprise office makes free help and training available which puts you in a position to decide what is best for your business as well as cutting the cost of developing your online trading capacity by up to 50% which can make the investment very affordable for small businesses. 

The Enterprise grant can only be used for online trading activity but your business can qualify for the scheme if you have the following:

  • No more than 10 employees;

  • Less than €2m in turnover;

  • Be trading for at least 6 months;

  • Be located in the region of the local enterprise office to whom they are applying.

All regions in Ireland have their own LEO - Local Enterprise Board , Wolfhound Digital can advise which is your local office.

The Online Trading Voucher can be used for the following ;

An upgrade to an existing e-Commerce website, the addition of an online payment system. Other ‘allowed’ usages includes: online advertising, eg Google adwords , Facebook or Instagram sponsored ads, consultation and engaging a company for digital marketing and SEO ( Search engine optimisation )

So even though there are exclusions the conditions for the Enterprise on-line trading grant are quite wide ranging and aimed at getting you trading online to take advantage of the commercial opportunities for your business.


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