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PPC Agency Ireland - What is Pay Per Click Advertising ?

An awful lot of money is thrown away and wasted on PPC - Pay Per Click Advertising. The first question that should be asked is, ‘is PPC - Pay Per Click Advertising right for your business ?

PPC Agency Ireland - Pay Per Click Advertising is different to both SEO and other forms of digital marketing in the fact it isn't for every company or business or indeed something that every business should be doing. It should be seen as an additional strategy where it is possible to bring strong results. A paid research campaign can if not thought out properly , be quite expensive and time consuming.

There are many positives and some negatives to consider before embarking on a PPC - Pay Per Click Advertising campaign.

One very big positive about PPC Agency Ireland is especially if you a new business or have a new website is that it can if done properly , bring immediate results . Where as s good website design, SEO, together with social media may take time to work, it likely to be a few months before you get the results you need. PPC Agency Ireland also shows you where your website is functioning well and what needs to be improved.

Wolfhound Digital will work closely with you to fully understand your business and what your goals are . Then we choose the best performing relevant keywords for your business and plan a bidding strategy to positively grow your PPC return on investment.

With PPC Agency Ireland - Paid search, you only pay when someone clicks on your advert. With a well researched thought out add ad you can target interested, strong potential customers. You would also be able to set your budget to whatever your needs are. You can your pause ads whenever you like and have complete control to get an advantage over your competitors.

Wolfhound Digital can take you through a PPC Agency Ireland - Pay Per Click Advertising campaign strategy and discus with you whether or not it is worth investing in and what is the likely ROI - return on your investment.

Google AdWords can be quite complex to manage and it takes a specialist to choose which relevant, performing keywords to use for particular products and sectors of industries. Engage Wolfhound Digital to manage your PPC account allowing you to take care of your business.

For Agency Ireland - Pay Per Click Advertising campaigns, wherever you are around the world, whether you are a start-up or a multi-national Wolfhound Digital can help your business to improve your revenue and grow your PPC business.


Google AdWords

The bread and butter of any website should be SEO- Search Engine Optimisation. Content and search engine optimisation is powerful and over time with a lot of hard work and patience ,it is the best way to scale your business through a website. However , if you have a new website and need results quick and you have a budget then Google AdWords can bring immediate results. Simply put .. You only pay when someone actually clicks on your ad and then is taken immediately to your website and hopefully converts onto sales and growth.

To summarise : No clicks = No cost . When someone clicks on your Google Ad you pay per click.

Facebook Paid Ads And Instagram Paid Ads.

10% of ALL advertising world wide is now spent on FACEBOOK.

Facebook collects data from virtually all their users, from users who enter information voluntarily on their profile (Education, work, location, age, hobbies, interests and any number of classifications). Facebook know exactly who their users are and what they like and all this information is available to you to serve them ads specifically targeted to them.

Have you ever noticed how ads magically appear on your Facebook related to things that you have been looking at yourself ? This is targeted marketing

Instagram and Facebook are linked and your Facebook Ads can be placed through an ‘Audience network ‘ ad directly and to targeted to users on Instagram.

A Facebook ‘audience network ad’ can be placed on any network owned by Facebook via Facebook.

Instagram ads like Facebook ads are positioned in the app feeds natural flow, ensuring that the viewer is not interrupted whilst using their page but in effect does see you ad whether they like it or not.

A Facebook or Instagram campaign can be the most wide ranging and flexible of your advertising campaign efforts. The campaign ad’s goal is determined at the beginning and that goal could be to send traffic to your website converting visitors into sales , getting likes for a particular Facebook or Instagram page , growing your brands presence and awareness or for any number or reasons.

For Facebook or Instagram Paid Advertising campaigns, wherever you are around the world, whether you are a start-up or a multi-national Wolfhound Digital can help your business to improve your revenue and more importantly, grow your business.


Want to outperform your competition? Wolfhound Digital put in place a Pay Per Click strategy to get you there.

Wolfhound digital PPC Agency Ireland can fully manage and service your monthly PPC campaigns.

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