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Google Analytics Dashboard

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What Is SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Wolfhound Digital make sure your website keeps delivering results for you once it is live, to guarantee continued success, it must be maintained, optimised and constantly updated.

To achieve this Wolfhound Digital has a thorough, clear thought out SEO Ireland strategy with all our clients. A lot of SEO Ireland work is done in the back end of a website , that is not visual to any visitor apart from the important search engines, spiders and bots that come around and crawl the website pages frequently. We make sure every page on your site is fully optimised for SEO.

A lot of time is spent by Wolfhound digital making sure that your website functioning as it should be, no broken links or page errors. Making sure the pages have relevant keywords embedded in those pages both front end and back end.

Our organic ( SEO - search engine optimisation ) and pay per click services ( PPC ) allow you to reach audiences on a number of channels and devices. Be it business customers or consumers.

Wolfhound Digital create SEO and PPC strategies for companies from all sectors of industry, SEO for education, schools and colleges- particularly valuable for student/staff engagement and awareness. SEO for manufacturing companies with the intention getting your brand at the forefront of customer awareness - SEO for the health services , so important to get your messages and services across to the general public.

SEO - B-2-B

Wolfhound digital SEO campaigns target your B-2-B audience specifically, this then drives leads and then sales and helping your business grow.

SEO - For Professional Services Companies

Whether you are in financial services, a legal firm, accountants, Wolfhound create SEO campaigns for companies looking to be at the head of specific search terms for their areas of business, leading to increased brand visibility across all search platforms and potential sales.

Content Marketing

Content and SEO Ireland -Search engine optimisation Ireland go together. Without one, your efforts on the other are then seriously diminished. For example, your keyword research won't be really effective unless you then use those keywords in relevant content. Then creating content without actually knowing what your audience is looking for will leave you without any worthwhile traffic or website visits. High quality relevant content is what search engines are looking for and crawl when they periodically visit your site.

For any digital marketing, SEO Ireland -Search engine optimisation Ireland to succeed, a major part of that success is content , the content can be on many channels, including your website or any of the now many social media channels. Content is king and determines the businesses social media followers choose to associate with, it determines how visitors engage with your website, and for which keywords all search engines find your site relevant to any potential visitor search.

As part of Wolfhound Digitals’ Custom Menu pricing, we can analyse your competitors website content, SEO Ireland-Search engine optimisation Ireland to see what content keywords they are using and what keywords they are ranking for. We can then implement those keywords into relevant content and use in your key website pages and social media postings.

SEO IRELAND AUDITING is part of our Advanced and Custom Menu Pricing.

We take a thorough look at your digital presence with an SEO Ireland -Search engine optimisation audit to see what are the key deficiencies in your SEO Ireland -Search engine optimisation strategy. Wolfhound Digital find out what’s stopping your business from having a strong presence in search engines and then we plan the way forward to give your business a stronger digital presence.

Google Analytics & Search Console Analysis

Your website is your on-line store 24/7 , every day of the year. The overall health and performance of your website is crucial to your online success. problems with your website bring extra costs to your business, resulting in loss of sales, leads and even further costs to improve the website.

We use Google Analytics and the Google Search Console for insights that will allow us to make improvements that will increase the SEO Ireland -Search engine optimisation Ireland performance of your website. Wolfgang Digital understands the importance of both your website’s health and traffic performance for a strong SEO Ireland -Search engine optimisation Ireland campaign.

Wolfgang Digital can also use the insights what your customers are interested in. By using these insights, we can see trends in the market, plan strategies accordingly with content that is a good match for your customers interest.


It’s really impossible to manage and improve what you don’t measure…

With Insights from both Google Analytics and the Google Search Console, it makes it easier to identify and analyse your customer, from searching to conversion. There are many valuable insights that can be gained from Google Analytics and the Google Search Console including :

  1. Google search console helps understand your websites mobile-friendliness.

  2. Shows what search phrases people find your website from.

  3. Allows you to understand what actions people take on your website.

  4. Shows website errors, missing pages or content and HTML improvements that need to be made.

  5. Shows how accessible to your website is (is your website being crawled correctly?)

Squarespace Analytics

Squarespace Analytics is our reporting platform that gives you insight into how your site is performing. With Analytics, it can give you a clear picture of your visitors and their behaviour patterns via reports on statistics like page views, conversion rates , any sales, who referred them, and what is popular content.

If your site has an online store, Squarespace analytics includes revenue, conversion, and cart abandonment data so you can see how your business is doing and pinpoint any opportunities for growth.


How can Wolfhound Digital make a difference?

Wolfhound Digital use the insights from Google Analytics and the Google Search Console to optimise your overall SEO Ireland-Search engine optimisation Ireland and website performance. It can be a bit daunting for businesses as well as time-consuming, to set up and monitor the data from both Google Analytics and the Google Search Console. However, they are lmportant pieces of the overall jigsaw of your digital marketing strategy that can’t be ignored. Here are examples of the data insights that we use to improve the SEO Ireland -Search engine optimisation Ireland performance for businesses.

  1. Allows us to Identify and fix site errors.

  2. Allows us to identify a site’s best performing content in Google Analytics.

  3. Allows us to identify and monitor a site’s source of web traffic.

By identifying and understanding the sources of traffic to a site, we can create a campaign that builds upon a business’ strengths, and also allows to see and then improve any poorly-performing channels.

By setting up and monitoring the insights from both Google analytics and search console, we can ensure that there is nothing left to chance when it comes to managing your site’s SEO-Search engine optimisation performance.


If you are looking for a company that offers class leading SEO (Search engine optimisation) in Dublin, Ireland or globally, then contact us.

SEO-Search engine optimisation Ireland is part of all of our pricing menus, call us on 01 9121902 or 0851070198 to learn more.

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Website Review / Audit

All good website SEO Ireland ( Search engine optimisation ) starts with a complete website review/audit. This is the first step we take, a complete thorough examination of both the front and back end of your existing website to determine if the site is set up correct and then we can determine what steps are needed to make your site a fully functional and structurally sound, following all the best practices of SEO-Search engine optimisation.