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Website Review /SEO Audit Ireland

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If you already have a website do you know if your existing website it is fully optimised for SEO - Search engine optimisation and organically ranking for all the major search engines ?

Wolfhound Digital can do a full website review and SEO - Search engine optimisation audit of your site where we see what the overall health of your website is. We take a look behind the pages and make a back-end check to see the sites structure, to see if the pages are set up correctly with correct page titles, tags, image alt text and we test your sites ‘loading’ speed .

Do the website pages have enough content including relevant search terms. What is the state of links to your site : Both incoming and out going.

Is your website linked and verified with both Google search console ( detects website errors /possible improvements ) and Google analytics ( tracks all movement on your site ).

Is your site optimised for the ever more important ‘Mobile’. *According to Google, more than 50 percent of all search queries now come via mobile devices and it’s growing by the day.

All these checks have a big say on your websites organic search engine ranking and therefore the number of potential visitors to your site.

SEO - Search engine optimisation is so important in gaining visitors organically and keeping them there without paying for traffic or Google Adwords for example.

You could have the most aesthetically pleasing website in the world but if it is not set up correctly and optimised it will not perform and climb the search engine rankings and bring in the visitors to your website and therefore potential customers.

If you have paid a fortune for a website and it is not delivering results then contact us for an informal chat and see how Wolfhound Digital can improve your websites health, rankings and visitor experience through our thorough website review, SEO audit Ireland.

If you are looking for a company that offers class leading Digital marketing, Website design or SEO ( Search engine optimisation ) in Dublin, Ireland or globally, then contact us and learn more of what Wolfhound Digital can do for your business.

Call us on 01 9121902 or 0851070198 for an informal chat about our Website review / Seo audit Ireland services.